The download speed for my area is 20mb/s why am I only getting 1-50kb/s?

Answer How are you measuring your speed?You can check your speed here: http://speedtest.netInternet speeds are measured in Mbps, which is millions of (bits) per second, not to be confused with MB/s which ... Read More »

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Why does Download Speed depend on your Area?

i found out that the lil box on the corner where you always see guys working, well they can connect your street better. we called and its a fact. if you see them at a box in your neighborhood they ... Read More »

How long will it take to upload 1GB if the upload speed is 20mbs?

20mbps = 2.5MBps1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2.5MBps = 409.6s = 6h49m36s

How can I check my internet connection speed perfectly Surfing speed as well as download speed?

You can also try the…and websitesOther tools on the net, search google for free broadband speed tests, will show more detailed in... Read More »

Is 33ms ping, 0.75mbps download speed, 0.26mbps upload speed fast?

No, that is not fast 750kb/s is not good for streaming HD videos, and upload speed is low, take a long while to upload photo's or other stuff. Try getting BT infinity or Virgin media 10mpbs.