The download speed for my area is 20mb/s why am I only getting 1-50kb/s?

Answer How are you measuring your speed?You can check your speed here: http://speedtest.netInternet speeds are measured in Mbps, which is millions of (bits) per second, not to be confused with MB/s which ... Read More »

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Why am i getting less then 2mb of download speed if i am paying for up to 6mb of download speed?

It's a mystery. I am meant to get up to 20mb per second but my max download speed ever was 1.3mb (I usually get 1.2)

Why does Download Speed depend on your Area?

i found out that the lil box on the corner where you always see guys working, well they can connect your street better. we called and its a fact. if you see them at a box in your neighborhood they ... Read More »

I get 10 mb/s download when I do a speed check but only 1.3 mb/s when I download from P2P and Steam servers?

I also had that problem before . I used a program called Steam Booster, it increased my download speed and made games run faster. Hope it helps you.

The speed limit on a non built up area with lampost on one side of the road only?

Assuming you mean Princes Way, that is the main seafront road in part of Blackpool - slap bang in the middle of a major urban area. Of course it has a 30 mph restriction - you passed the signs on t... Read More »