There are many section in (IT JOBS) and which section is for todays jobs and as IT developing?

Answer The only other specialty I can think of is security. Maybe also web development.For money and job opportunities, I'd say look more so at networking and software development. I can't see a day when ... Read More »

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Jobs section?

Your an employer and you want to find workers online but not pay for it. How cheap can you be? Is that how you are going to be when you have people work for you, cheap? That's one thing I hate abou... Read More »

So on the jobs section of gumtree..?

Gumtree is full of scammers! Always be on your guard when dealing with anyone on there.

ive been charged with section 4a racial alarm and section 5 ublic order act for threating behaviour?

that is sposed to say flump off by the way Are you saying the policeman was Chinese? yes the policeman was chinese Saying flump off isn't swearing, unless you used the proper F word. Calling him a ... Read More »

GBH Section 20 moved to Section 4 public order offence...?

HiDo you know whether the victim is also being charged for the Sec 4 offence?Were there any spectators at the match? First, let's get it clear what you're now charged with:Swearing at someone, per ... Read More »