There are two people on facebook who i think is the same person ._.?

Answer You can`t trace there ip address or something like that facebook wouldn't`t allow that,don't think you are capable to that either, but what you could do is check the personal informations of the tw... Read More »

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Facebook event help Can you invite same person twice?

Its just a glitch sometimes that happens to me. Facebook thinks you havent seen it yet so shows it again.

What would you think of a person who didn't have bebo/facebook/myspace?

i dont so i donno i think its fine. i have a life other than sitting and talking to people on this computer.-Nick-

Is there a way of hiding things on facebook from one person?

Yes.Go to settings (upper right corner) and the click the privacy tab. There, you will see many different things that you can block him specifically from seeing.Hope that helps.

What will happen if I try to do 2 credit reports on the same day, same person, different address?

There are three credit bureaus and you are allowed to obtain one free report per person per year from each (Experian, TransUnion and that other one, Equifax)