There are two people on facebook who i think is the same person ._.?

Answer You can`t trace there ip address or something like that facebook wouldn't`t allow that,don't think you are capable to that either, but what you could do is check the personal informations of the tw... Read More »

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On twitter can u send a message to one person and that person alone kinda like msn or facebook?

I lost my iPhone. the person who has it is online on my Facebook. how can i find it through Facebook?…look at this website and then either call fb up and track your phone or email there helpline!! errrr and if someone's taken your phone that's quite seriou... Read More »

Facebook; are the people under your friends list on your profile the people who visit your wall most?

it's based on interaction as explained here

How do i stop people adding people to a private group message on Facebook?