There was a game a couple of week ago that was coming out.?

Answer GTA IV? It is sandbox, you have a phone that you use a lot.Maybe you saw some kind of early GTA V ad or you saw the trailer?Far Cry 3?

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My landlord keeps coming to stay for up to a week is that allowed?

If the son invites them, of course. They've been invited by a tenant.Do you rent just a room? If so, then you ave no say in what happens in the rest of the house.

Are there any gyms in London that have week passes?

Soho Gyms are the best in London as you can pay for a single class, a whole day or a week for £34. At their gyms you can pay as you go and not sign long contracts.

I have a horse hair like material coming out my exhaust. There is "miles" of it. Where is it coming from?

IT IS DEFINITELY YOUR CAT CONVERTER ! cost you around £100 + for a new one !

People say that 4x4 are better in the snow - so was there a 4x4 on it's roof in the ditch last week?