There was a game a couple of week ago that was coming out.?

Answer GTA IV? It is sandbox, you have a phone that you use a lot.Maybe you saw some kind of early GTA V ad or you saw the trailer?Far Cry 3?

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Income based jsa couple but found 10.5 hour job what will i be entitled to a week?

I'm not really sure what your entitled to but I promise you that your be better off financially taking the job, check the benefit adviser on direct govs website. In all honesty though you could onl... Read More »

How excited are you about The Sims 3 coming out in A WEEK!?

I so totally love that game lol. I may have to pop the first one in to play a little, I wasn't so crazy on the second maybe because I don't like change lol. My cousin got that leaked copy it's lagg... Read More »

I am on jobseekers now but will be coming off it this week, after how long will i be able to reclaim again?

You can claim immediately you are out of a job, even if it's tomorrow. It takes 14 days for a new claim to start up though as they pay in arrears. You'll only be paid your new JSA claim from the da... Read More »

My landlord keeps coming to stay for up to a week is that allowed?

If the son invites them, of course. They've been invited by a tenant.Do you rent just a room? If so, then you ave no say in what happens in the rest of the house.