This computer has wifi but no way to get to the wifi password?

Answer Wi-Fi Protected Setupâ„¢ (WPS) is a standard to easily connect WiFi devices,Both devices have to have the WPS button to support this method. Here is Cisco's description. Read More »

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How do I password protect my wifi for more than 1 computer?

go to your internet browser, firefox, opera or even internet explorer.type in the address bar "" to bring up the router settings pageit will give you the default username and password on... Read More »

How to Find Your WiFi Password on the Computer?

Although your Wi-Fi password is saved on your computer, it should be stored in a safe place in case you need to allow access to your network. Your Wi-Fi password should be treated the same way as y... Read More »

My computer is wireless but I cannot find the wireless bar button to get my wifi password. PLEASE HELP?

If you are using a pc then you will need an Ethernet cable and plug it into your broadband, or a wireless adapter. Then it should work, sorry if it didn't you weren't very clear.

How To Reset My WiFi Password?

Wireless networking is a common feature in homes and offices. Wireless routers provide access to a single Internet source, and wireless passwords ensure that only select users can access the networ... Read More »