Question appear to operate from a room in a hospital in China?

Answer the simple thing is to not buy stuff from china most likely its fake. use ebay in the future to buy things from chinese ebay sellers because on ebay they are who they say they are, im sorry but the... Read More »

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How to Start & Operate a Tea Room?

While much of the world is obsessed with coffee and coffee houses, you can join the growing trend for tea. The Tea Association of America predicts that income from tea rooms will exceed £6 billion... Read More »

I have land to build a hospital in my village but what else do i need to run a hospital?

Before anything else you have to hire the appropriate people to do a FEASIBILITY STUDY for you. You may have the land for a hospital to donate (and land for a school, as I saw in your other questi... Read More »

These days everything is made in China tell me a product in your country they don't have in China?

Well, there are a few things that aren't made in CHina, like Energizer batteries. But as a friend of mine says, "Everything was made by God, the rest were made in China". Maybe if you look in searc... Read More »

Anyone been to China China in salubrious place?