Tiscali 8MB broad band with line rental question ?

Answer Your internet speed is limited to the distance you are from the nearest BT exchange. I am at the limit as to how far away you can be and recieve broadband at 512 or 1/2 a mb if you live next door y... Read More »

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Sky broad band is sh*t?

i have talk talk3 and for £19.99 a month all my phone calls landline to landline are free even international and broadband is free too in this package best thing i ever did xx

What is the advantage of Broad Band?

the advantages are numerous but it depends on u how u take it.

How Fast is My Broad Band?

To get an accurate speed of your broadband Internet connection, take two or three tests and take the average of the speeds. To start a speed check of your broadband connection, visit the following ... Read More »

Mobile Broad-band?

This should help -http://www.broadbandg...obilebroadband/dongle I've got a dongle for work, T-mobile do one - I think we pay something like £12 a month for it so I can get on the internet from my l... Read More »