Tiscali users and internet experts.?

Answer It means that you keep your BT line, but make your calls through Tiscali and are charged by Tiscali.Beware though that if I'm not mistaken, you are still liable to pay for the BT line rental.Stay a... Read More »

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How many internet users are there in the world?

There are 6,499,697,060 people in the world and about 16.6 percent of them use the internet. Making a grand total of around... 1,076,203,987

BT Yahoo internet users?

Try deleting all BT Yahoo cookies from whatever browser cache you are using .. and restarting browser. can you tell me what a cookie is and where do I find it thanks to everyone who replied to my q... Read More »

How can I collect email address of internet users from UK?

to be honest, i dont think its the best way to advertise - i delete everything from unrecognised emails and i know others who do the same. also, if your shop becomes known as a nuisance then you w... Read More »

How can i block other users from my internet wireless connection?

Go to the wireless settings for your router and password protect your wireless connection. You can also restrict connections by the IP address of the PC. This will only allow specific IP addresses ... Read More »