Toolbar tabs,how do i get rid off them?

Answer uninstall them or right click & it should give you a list of toolbars & other things

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I have got 2 gmail buttons on my toolbar, any idea on how to get rid of one of them?

If you're running Windows XP, right click on the toolbar and select properties.Click the customize button.You should see a menu with the icons pictured. Next to them it should say "Hide when inact... Read More »

How to Reinstate Explorer Toolbar in Place of Google Toolbar?

Hi,You need to remove the google toolbar, here is how :-…Arnak

Google toolbar probs, i have installed toolbar now i have 2 google search boxes help?

if you installed the toolbar while in Spain google pobably assumed from your ip address you were spanish .there should be an option to delete or at least hide the box if you right click on the too... Read More »

I was told by an electrician to use 130-volt bulbs, which he said were outlawed by the electric bulb makers because they last so long. He said that electricians can buy them and not the public. I found them and have used them for 5 years and he is ri?

When you use a bulb designed for 130 volts in a fixture that operates at 120 volts, the bulb's filament runs at less than its rated temperature. This temperature change has two consequences—one g... Read More »