Torrent sites with free registration?

Answer heres the largest and easiest ones to find stuff on i have foundhttp://www.torrentspy.comfor everythinghttp://www.bushtorrent.comfor everythingand also if you wishhttp://www.puretna.comfor `Adult` ... Read More »

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How come your allowed to download music vidoes off Youtube but sites like limewire/torrent sites are illegal?

you're not explicitly allowed to download off youtube, but if it's been put into the public domain officially, such as a movie trailer, or a new music video, you'll find the publishers might use yo... Read More »

Torrent Sites?

http://mininova.org is best cos wen u open a torrent in this sight it will give u all sites in which that torrent is available. SO u better go for this site & mininova... Read More »

How Do I Look Up a Criminal Record for Free With No Registration?

From shady neighbours to potential babysitters, it's a smart move to check and see if someone has a criminal record before entrusting them with the safety of your property or family members. A quic... Read More »

Any good torrent sites since demoniod and minova gone?

try AHASHARE, im very sad now ive lost MININOVA LOL, GOOD LUCK