Torrenting question (need people who know)?

Answer I would say that you should install it and run the game in the computer, under your memory card instead of the desktop.Good luck!

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Slow torrenting speeds?

In uTorrent go to Options > Preferences > Connection (in the side panel). Then there is a section called 'Port used for incoming connections' and enter a port number between 5600 and 6200. After th... Read More »

Some quick questions about torrenting?

MPAA and RIAA are only associations that represent the most powerful rights holder in the respective business. For software (games included) there is a similar body (BSA).However, any rights holder... Read More »

Are UDP sessions related to Torrenting?

Most companies have a Computer (miss)Use Policy ..Start by determining who's computer is being used (if it's one of the Senior Managers / Directors you may want to simply 'block' the UDP addresses ... Read More »

Question for people who make money online or for people who have their own website?

As witnessed by all the spam solicitations you just got, you should now have a clear picture that these places should be avoided at all costs.....