Transferring DVD's To Hard Drive Legally?

Answer dvdshrink is what you need, do a google search

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Why is it legal to burn CDs to you hard drive but not DVDs?

There's a contradiction in that law. your actually allowed to make a back up copy of any c.d and dvd. but i don't understand why some are copy protected if your allowed to make back up copies.

I want to play my DVDs from my hard drive and laptop on my TV. What equipment do i need?

I am trying to move a 4 gb file from my laptop hard drive to an external hard drive, but it keeps telling me..?

coz your partition has either got either FAT or FAT32 filesystem which allow a miximum size of only about 4 GB (maybe it dont allow 4 gb either but only those less then 4GB). partition your drive i... Read More »

Why is my 1TB hard drive only 913GB I picked up a 1TB external hard drive from Maxtor but why is it short?

the measurement of a drive is the value of the storage that is not formatted. its not short it may be the two ways that drive space is measured, in bin, a terabyte is 1,099,511,627,776 bits the oth... Read More »