Transferring DVD's To Hard Drive Legally?

Answer dvdshrink is what you need, do a google search

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Why is it legal to burn CDs to you hard drive but not DVDs?

There's a contradiction in that law. your actually allowed to make a back up copy of any c.d and dvd. but i don't understand why some are copy protected if your allowed to make back up copies.

I want to play my DVDs from my hard drive and laptop on my TV. What equipment do i need?

Why can i not play music from my extrnal hard drive without copying it to my internal hard drive?

Thats becoz you have restricted access to the drive. go the it's properties and enable access

Increasing Hard Drive Space / Removable Hard Drive Storage Facilities?

You can get an external hardrive that runs through your USB port, they come in a variety of space (80GB to a terrabyte) so I'd say check them out..…