Transferring vhs to computer?

Answer No, you do not technically need a PCI card if you have a usb-based decoder, however you are correct that a hardware decoder on a PCI card would give you faster and more reliable conversion. It soun... Read More »

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Transferring files to another computer?

Easy-peasy. Sorta...Take the 1.5 Tb drive out of your old PC.Put it in the new PC as the second drive.If the new PC doesn't come with a recovery partition, you really should do a back up of the 5... Read More »

Transferring hardrives from one computer to another?

Everything will stay on it and be accessible. That is only the files. Spam is incorrect in stating that the computer will boot from it however. The Windows O/s is specific to the computer it is ins... Read More »

transferring photos to computer from mobile?

Use to usb cable to connect them both Another way if you can't find the usb cable is to use bluetooth - your laptop might be bluetooth enabled or you can get a little bluetooth adapter, just like a... Read More »

transferring photos from mobile to computer?

open Windows Explorer. You should see you mobile as a storage device. Move images as required. How do I find that double-click on Computer or My Computer (depending on which OS you are running)