Troubleshooting Noise on a Home Phone Line?

Answer Noise, like static, on a home telephone line may be caused by a number of factors. To begin troubleshooting, first verify whether the noise is on one or all telephones. If the noise can be heard on... Read More »

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How to Build a Phone Line Noise Filter?

A phone line filter is needed if you have a DSL line installed for your home. The DSL line causes static to be heard on the telephone line if a filter is not installed. You can make your own phone ... Read More »

There is a buzzing noise on my phone line since the installation of broadband?

Yes, Filters are needed. They can be found at any electronics store.

Troubleshooting Home Phone Problems?

When you pick up the receiver of your home telephone, you should hear the distinctive sound of a dial tone. If the tone is not present, one of several factors may be in play. First, ensure the line... Read More »

I need the internet at home but I don't have a phone line at all is there any other way of getting it?

Get a phone line put in, this is the 21st century after all!Satellite Broadband still relies on the phone line for upstream requests and uses the satellite link for downstream data only, it's not b... Read More »