Trying to connect laptop to tv through VGA-RCA cable?

Answer I'm guessing that the "ma laptop" is a Mac, running some version of Mac OS X. If so... 1) Connect the cables2) If it doesn't automatically find the monitor, then hop into Apple menu > System Prefer... Read More »

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Trying to connect my laptop to my tv. I have a vga to hdmi cable. But when I connect it no picture comes up.?

That will NEVER work.Your laptop's VGA port can only send out an ANALOG video signal. The HDTV's HDMI port can only receive a DIGITAL signal. Analog is NOT compatible wiht Digital, no matter what... Read More »

What is that cable called what you can connect to your laptop and and see the laptop screen on your tv?

Most common is a S-Video cable, which is a round socket with 4, although sometimes 7, pins. These only send video, so if you want to send sound as well, you'll need either a set of speakers or an a... Read More »

What cable do i need to connect laptop to lcd tv?

depends what you want to do with the laptop if you want to use it on the lcd tv you connect with the vga cable if you want to watch films you use a svideo if you want to watch Hd you would need a H... Read More »

How to connect a computer and laptop together via ethernet cable?

Hello,(ANS) HOW to do this & whats needed, No.1 You must ensure that each computer has a physical network card (network adapter fitted inside it). See: windows device manager to make sure & that it... Read More »