Trying to connect my new laptop to bt homehub but have "limited connectivity"?

Answer Have you tried restarting the router? That could help.Also, are you connecting to the Home Hub network or the Fusion network (You may have it)? If you are using Fusion, you need to change to the Ho... Read More »

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My laptop with vista say that I'm connected to my voyager2091 router but has limited connectivity - help ?

Poor signal quality. You need to make sure your router's wireless aerial is not blocked by, for example, too many walls or stuff like a domestic fridge being in the way.

My new laptop connected fine to my internet, today I have limited connectivity?

Mine did that last week. All I did was to switch off, wait 5 mins, re-boot and it was fine.

What Is Limited Connectivity?

Limited connectivity is an error where a computer has trouble connecting to a network and may not be capable of accessing the Internet or other computers on the network. Sometimes a computer return... Read More »

Limited or no connectivity?

this happens to me sometimes as well, i figured out how to resolve it until a while later it happened again and i forgot how i resolved it last timei know this works sometimes:try to repair connect... Read More »