Tumbleweed Removal?

Answer Tumbleweeds were introduced to the United States from illegally imported wheat seed from Russia in the mid-1800s. The tumbleweeds, also known as Russian thistles, grow in poor soil, often where no ... Read More »

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How to Decorate a Tumbleweed?

Tumbleweeds are dense, rounded shrubs with spiny stems. These plants grow in arid, desert regions in fields, plains and along roadsides. When fully grown, tumbleweeds become detached at the base of... Read More »

Activities to Use With Tumbleweed Stew?

Susan Stevens Crummel is the author of over 15 picture books for children. She is a former math teacher who published "Tumbleweed Stew" in 2000. The book tells the tale of a hungry rabbit who trick... Read More »

How to Make a Tumbleweed Costume?

Tumbleweeds are an iconic symbol of the wild American west. They serve as a ubiquitous prop in serious and satirical portrayals of western life, and can be seen rolling across the horizon in countl... Read More »

How to Make a Homemade Tumbleweed?

If you are organising a set or scenery for a theatrical production or class play, you may have difficulty finding certain props from a theatre prop store. One solution is to make your own theatre p... Read More »