Turkey Steaks?

Answer Just grill them and do a man v food sandwich In an orange sauce - with some mandarins.Diet coke turkey - makes a bbq sauceFanta turkey - makes a sweet and sour sauce Make them into burgers :-) i ha... Read More »

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What Are Turkey Breast Steaks?

Turkey breast steaks are cuts of turkey sold as boneless steaks taken from the breast of the bird. They can be used in a variety of different recipes, such as soy and ginger turkey steaks, turkey s... Read More »

Turkey Breast Steaks?

So dont put ANOTHER question in, just reply to your original question.

How To Cook 340 Grams Of Turkey Breast Steaks?

As a guide, chicken escalopes take around 20 mins at 200C. If your turkey slices are fairly thick I'd opt for something similar. (Perhaps try 15 minutes first and then cut into one. If the juice... Read More »

How Long to Cook a Turkey in a Turkey Frier?

A turkey frier has been specifically designed to cook turkey. It may come with a set timer that will go off when the turkey is ready. Check the manufacturer's guidelines on how to set the timer for... Read More »