Twitter or Facebook please answer!?

Answer Facebook :)

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New Twitter Username Please Best Answer Gets 5★?

How do you delete a facebook profile Please answer?

You have to go to the upper right corner of any page you're on and you'll see a tab that says settings(in between your name and logout). The last option says "deactivate account" which means delete... Read More »

Please answer this question, I beg you, please... Best answer gets 10 points! Thank you!?

That should be through in a couple of hours at most. When your Mum makes a large transfer, she may find that she gets an automated call from the bank asking for confirmation that the transaction is... Read More »

On Facebook, do those "Top Followers" and "Stalker" apps actually work, please answer?

the top followers work to a certain extent, although some don't seem completely accurate to me. but the stalker ones are all spams