Two computers, one modem, what is needed?

Answer just a router and the proper ethernet card in the machine ..

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What percentage of computers use a 56k Modem, under or over10%?

Under 10%, many things still use dial up modems, Sky boxes, Fax machines, burgaler alarms, and so on. So id say there is a load about and in use for consumer items. But for computers i would say le... Read More »

How Can Two Computers Use One DSL Modem?

The butterfly is both the beginning and the end of a complex chain of life known as metamorphosis. The butterfly begins as a tiny egg perched on a host plant, emerges as a caterpillar that eats unt... Read More »

How do i connect 2 computers to 1 modem?

A long time ago in a tech era far, far away you might have considered something like an A/B switchbox for serial devices, connecting RS232 cables to each computer and flipping the switch for whiche... Read More »

What is needed for dial up on computers. how is it done.?

You need a modem, active analog phone line, and a dial up provider.