Typing web addresses,why isnt there any spaces .....?

Answer Because the program that interprets the URL you type stops parsing when it hits whitespace (blank)

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My typing pointer keeps jumping back a few spaces when typing. Its driving me nuts.?

Dirty keyboard or stuck keys.First try cleaning the keyboard with a can of compressed air.(I turn mine upside down and sometimes lightly bang it, but i wouldnt recommend this :))Last resort is to g... Read More »

In typing, what is short hand, touch typing and audio typing. very confused!!!?

Short hand is taking notes in a code that you type up in full after.Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboardAudio typing is listening to a tape of dictation and typing it as you go along

Are there any REAL home-based typing/data imput jobs out there?

54 out of 55 work at home opportunities are fake, if you really are looking for one remember no real job would ask you for money for applying or getting started. If you are really interested in fin... Read More »

Are there any genuine work from home jobs out there Data entry, typing etc.?

There are several ways you can look into to find out if a company your looking into is a scam or not. One is checking with the BBB. This cuts out a lot of investigations. If the company is register... Read More »