UK: my BT router keeps making 'switch' noises and my connection is affected... What's wrong?

Answer Had the same problem, spoke to nice Indian Man in call centre. said I should turn it off for ten minutes and then turn in back least once a week for normal users and once a day for heavy... Read More »

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Can I share an internet connection without a switch or wireless router?

Yes, its possible. If your PC that's getting online already has a LAN card but is connected to the modem, then make sure that PC has another slot for another LAN card so you can connect it to the ... Read More »

Car making dragging noises?

Dont know exactly what it is..but I had a 4wd Mitsi Galant and when I turned a sharpish corner it made a similar noise, check the diff oil and get it looked over asap!! I had to replace my diff bec... Read More »

My mic keeps making static noises why?

The same thing happened to me. The problem I had is that I had plugged in my mouse at the front of my pc so every time I moved it I would get that noise, but when I moved it to the back of my pc it... Read More »

Connecting two PCs simultaneously to upstairs wifi router and wired to each other with a switch or router.?

Best bet would be to setup file sharing on each individual machine, and leave the internet connections as-is via the router. Since the file sharing will be via the Ethernet cabling, it should give ... Read More »