UTorrent won't download!?

Answer Go into preferences and change the maximum number of peers to 3000. If it still doesn't change then you likely have no seeds.

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utorrent download speed throttled?

Have you done speed/transfer test(s) to compare?If you are allowing uploads, dl will suffer ultimately.Look at all traffic. PS. All ISP's effectively throttle by reason of their 'contention ratios'... Read More »

How can I download utorrent web ui on my ipad mini?

Should Have bought a Nexus 7 :) Native utorrent app and utorrent remote support, webui works with chrome on 'droid too. Buy apple if you want to buy into apple. For doing less than legitimate thing... Read More »

Utorrent extremely slow download?

I find the download speed depends greatly upon the time of day - here in UK, if I try to download anything (torrent or otherwise) after early afternoon, the speed is very poor.If I get up early, an... Read More »

My Utorrent Has 7 Peers & No Seeds But Won't Download?

Utorrent is a file sharing application. "File sharing" means copying files from other private individuals over the Internet. There is no central authority, but the Utorrent program contacts its cou... Read More »