Ubuntu help?

Answer There is Wubi installer which allows you to Ubuntu as any other piece of software within windows.Wubi 7.04.04 installs Ubuntu 7.04, better than 7.10 in my opinion. Wubi does not interfere with the ... Read More »

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Help Switching to Ubuntu?

That machine of yours sounds as though its crying out for the newly released Linux Mint 5 (Elyssa) Fluxbox. With the Fluxbox release you get all the functionality of the Gnome desktop, whilst requi... Read More »

Help my pimp up my Ubuntu ?

First you need to install the Graphics driver using the Hardware Manager to enable 3D acceleration system>administration>hardware manager, restart once driver is installed.Once you have restarted O... Read More »

Wifi help with Ubuntu 12.04?

Look and see if you have the installation disks for the Wifi card. If not, try running some updates in Ubuntu. Again, if that doesn't work. Temporarily use a dongle and look for the drivers online.

Ubuntu linux help please!?

.DEB - is a Debian Package (Ubuntu is based on Debian/GNU Linux)the .deb IS the application. You SHOULD be able to just double click it and it should open with gDEBI which is the GUI installer for ... Read More »