Unicom telecoms, do they give you problems?

Answer I might suggest you make your 'dissatisfaction' a more commonly held other words...make them WANT to drop 'you'! (NOT by not paying your bill...but by constantly complaining about ... Read More »

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Unicom insurance lost my no-claims?

If you take 2 policies for 2 differnt cars you can only use the NCB on one of them - you cannot split it between them - that is how it works.

Do u like British Telecoms..why?

Do you mean "Britcoms" short for "British situation comedies" like funny TV shows, etc.?"British Telecom" is a communications product and delivery company that provides cable, internet and digital ... Read More »

Core Network - Telecoms?

You might be able to dig out the answer you require from the link below or one of its sub menus;…They have to connect to any other telephone number as well... Read More »

Anyone had an interview for this telecoms company?

I thought apprenticeships were for a trade not telesales. If so you will only be earning £2.50ph. I think you should check the legality of this with ACAS, as they could be pulling a fast one by pa... Read More »