Unless it is a rumour, will you have to pay to use Facebook effective later this year?

Answer Put it this way I have never seen anything in print about it.Probably another rumour started by someone who is boredand had nothing better to do then sit around complimentingand staring at their na... Read More »

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Rumour on facebook trouble?

Apologize, again. Promise to never do anything like that again, again. Actually mean both of these things and don't try to minimize it as "just a joke", obviously it was more than that to someone.... Read More »

Is facebook closing down.....or is it just a rumour :/?

No but the Government are to step in as it's being accused of family breakdowns.

The Most Effective Ways to Discipline a 10-Year-Old Child?

Most children at the age of 10 are able to distinguish the difference between right and wrong. Ten-year-old children are also able to clearly understand and take responsibility for their wrong acti... Read More »

My ex has put my 6 year old son and 11 month baby on facebook,I contacted facebook who deleted it,its on again?

If your ex is also the parent of your children, I can't see how Facebook have any right to remove the pictures. Its Facebook, not anything seedy.EDIT, after further info.Ok. Record everything he do... Read More »