Unmountable Boot Volume STOP 0X000000ED Windows 7?

Answer Unmountable Boot volume. the first thing is to disk check, try using windows repair by booting from windows 7 disc. If that doesnt work then you have to reinstall windows again.

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How to Fix Unmountable Boot Volume?

If there is a problem with your hard drive or with the boot sector on it, Windows may fail to load, displaying a blue screen with the message "Unmountable Boot Volume." Typically, when this happens... Read More »

Unmountable boot volume?

there was nothing wrong with your hard was booting in to the wrong sata mode.go in to the bios and switch it to IDE not AHCIboot from your vista disc and install soon as it is insta... Read More »


check the cables between the drives and the motherboard are securely plugged in

Computer Help!! Unmountable Boot Volume problems :(?

It sounds to me like your hard drive is damaged. Try using BootMed ( to make an image (clone) of your drive, and how to recover from it. BootMed comes with a tutorial about ... Read More »