Update Fail on iPhone and Now It Won't Get Detected By Computer?

Answer Have you downloaded the latest version of iTunes, apple devices are very funny about always needing the newest version you can download it from here after installing ... Read More »

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Ive just had a new computer and it has the oldest msn messenger on it, but it wont update to the new one.?

hiif you have a new computer probably you have windows 7 as OSso install windows live essentials again bu this time install ONLY THE MESSENGER❶uninstall the messenger or restore your system to a ... Read More »

My laptop wont start some random words come up problems has been detected?

And unless you tell us what those words are and whether it's accompaniedwith a blue screen then sorry to say it's impossible to answer your question!Other than that your only option is to put it in... Read More »

The rear drivers side door on my car wont open from the outside, will it fail the MOT?

Actually this in itself will not cause an MOT failure. Only the front doors need to be able to be opened from both inside and out. The only requirement for the rear doors is that they latch securel... Read More »

How could the civil service fail to advise on the 10p rate deletion, heads should roll.[it wont happen]?

The poor Civil Servants always get the blame for what this Government does. Unlikely to be a ploy to denigrate Gordon Brown, as Chancellor he did a good job of that himself. I'm sure he was quite ... Read More »