Updating problem with connection?

Answer This is a weird one...First thing to do is download a program called Malwarebytes, install, update and run a full scan.Also, ensure your Antivirus product is up to date and run a full scan.Next, if... Read More »

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Problem updating A.V.G free ?

They are experiencing problems with the updates, i have had to go to Avast as i had this same prob and couldn't get around it. Having been on the AVG forums this is what AVG are saying...........:)... Read More »

Problem with connection to Amazon?

on mine you go to help then contact customer service then describe your problem then click "phone" and they phone you. You have to have an account I have successfully asked for help in the past, b... Read More »

Problem with connection speed?

Most routers have a set of ports which they automatically block.In many cases, these ports are part of a range of ports that some applications use such as torrents and limewire and in some cases ma... Read More »

Problem with netbook wireless connection ......?

the username and password might not be to do with the network but might be the netbooks administrator username and password to allow the netbook to perform the action (this was something added to v... Read More »