Upgrading my computer?

Answer Set up windows .

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Upgrading a computer....?

The A8-5500 will run any game on low-medium settings. If you want to upgrade something, please state your budget. If your budget is around100$, buy a 6670. This can get crossfired with the A8-5500 ... Read More »

I am upgrading my computer.?

I am not sure how XP is, but with Windows 98, when I performed the same thing you are doing, it took forever for 98 to find all the new devices and load drivers for it. The thing is, it took up mor... Read More »

Upgrading an old computer?

Repairing and Upgrading a Computer?

First, it appears to be a 2007 computer, with a low end CPU of the time since the Inspiron 530's generally had Core 2 Duo CPUs and at least 2GB RAM. This is an owners manual: Read More »