Upload speed is bad any suggestions?

Answer ISPs don't really bother about upload speeds unless you get the dedicated connection with separate channels for upload and download. chances are if yours is a normal connection most of the promised... Read More »

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How long will it take to upload 1GB if the upload speed is 20mbs?

20mbps = 2.5MBps1GB = 1024MB1024MB/2.5MBps = 409.6s = 6h49m36s

Is 33ms ping, 0.75mbps download speed, 0.26mbps upload speed fast?

No, that is not fast 750kb/s is not good for streaming HD videos, and upload speed is low, take a long while to upload photo's or other stuff. Try getting BT infinity or Virgin media 10mpbs.

Is download 996kbps speed and 464 upload speed good because all my youtube vids are loading really slow?

No, YouTube requires between 2-5 Mbps download.You should contact your internet service provider about the speed issues you are experiencing.

What uk isp has the best upload speed?

Virgin Media as far as I am aware of - thats who I use and with a 20mb connection its great for downloading and uploading