Usb or Ethernet witch is faster in modem?

Answer ethernet card ... is fasterWork it out for yourself.Old USB maximum speed is 12 mbps.USB 2.0 maximum speed is 480 mbps.Standard Ethernet runs at 100 mbps.Gigabit Ethernet runs at 1000 mbps.Work it... Read More »

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How Do I Choose the Best Ethernet ADSL Modem?

An Ethernet ADSL modem is one of the simplest ways to connect to standard broadband services. Its main drawback is that it does not inherently share an Internet connection with multiple machines in... Read More »

How to configure cable modem to use ethernet instead of usb?

Typically, cable modems automatically sense whether you are using USB or Ethernet. I would suggest unplugging your cable modem from the power adapter for at least 15 to 30 minutes and prior to plug... Read More »

Will the USB AND Ethernet both work on the modem, at the same time?

Yes, that should work. It's a little difficult to explain, but it can be done, you might just have to play with some of the different configurations until you can get it working. Set the Router to... Read More »

If computer has no modem is there a place for ethernet connection?

A modem and a Network Interface Card (NIC) are two different peices of hardware. If your computer does not have a modem that is ok since most computer do not use a phone line to make connections t... Read More »