Using Ebay without Paypal?

Answer Yes, however the person you buy goods from must post you a link for Paypal. Not all can do this.

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Ebay and paypal?

As an Ebayer with hundreds of feedbacks as seller and buyer, let me give my opinion: For the buyer, paypal is a dream. For a seller, it sucks. They take too generous a cut of your profits. Really, ... Read More »

How do i use paypal on ebay?

First you need to sign up with paypal, it's free....then you need to add a credit card or a bank account to your new paypal account, so they could transfer the money to the seller through email. N... Read More »

Paypal and ebay?

Yes you can. You can state in your listing that you accept bankers drafts, cheques, or any other form of payment. People usually open paypal accounts as you get the money quicker and also because ... Read More »