Using Ebay without Paypal?

Answer Yes, however the person you buy goods from must post you a link for Paypal. Not all can do this.

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What Is an Alternative Way to Get Money on eBay Besides Using PayPal?

PayPal is owned by eBay and integrated into the eBay system, and because of this it is the most common payment method used for eBay auctions and purchases. Some eBay users don't have PayPal account... Read More »

Ebay Question - Can i Buy and pay simply with Paypal without a credit/debit card?

You can always pay using your Paypal and not need a credit card.The advantage of having a credit card is, if the seller does something wrong and fails to refund it, you can complain to Paypal. Most... Read More »

Is it possible to send gift money via paypal without using my real or full name?

im still confused... i didnt understand your email...

How can you get money out of a paypal account without using a bank account?

Sorry don't think you can, unless you ask ebay for a postal order!!Or ask them to send you a cheque