Using PPPoA With New Router?

Answer Absolutely, you're mixing protocols... Point to Point Protocol over ATM and Ethernet.... It's the method in which your DSL line encapsulates the frames in either an ATM frame (AAL5) or Ethernet Fra... Read More »

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Using a router with the sky phoneline?

simply put no, and i'll not bore you with the technical reasons too much but it needs a connection to your router, which put as simply as i can handles your connection to broadband on your local te... Read More »

How to share a folder(vista) with the other PC(xp) using a router?

xp has to be running service pack 2. connect both pc's to your router. Create a home network on the vista machine and save the settings when prompted to a usb key. put the usb key in your xp mac... Read More »

What's the difference between a router with one anntena and a router with two anntenae?

For Your First Question,Signal Coverage of the router with two Antenna will be more than with one antenna,Radius of Line of Path will be more in 2 antenna routers,Moreover if one antenna fails the ... Read More »

Can i share my internet connection with my laptop just using a rj45 connection without a router.?

It depends on the hardware you have available. To share internet without a router you need to have a free Network Interface Card (NIC) on your PC that currently has internet connectivity. You wil... Read More »