Using Windows XP without a keyboard?

Answer Not sure why you need to ctrl alt delete when you log in, or turn it on.It should just boot up to your log on window.Try rebooting it in F8, and go to last good configuration.There are other option... Read More »

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On an XP desktop:how do you go from one window to another without using a mouse (ie, keyboard shortcut)?

It's the ALT-Tab combination. Hold ALT and press TAB to scroll through open programs. Releasing on the desired program brings it to the foreground.

How can I copy files from a USB drive without using the copy nd paste system OR using Windows Explorer?

open the usb divice to show the list of files you want to copy then open the file from your computer you want to copy to.. .. have the two 'windows' side by side on the desk top then simply lift a... Read More »

If i uninstall my keyboard,can re-install it without using any installerwhere can i find it if i uninstall it?

windows has generic laptop drivers built inand those are probably the ones most laptops use by default anywayyou shouldn't need to download anything.just open up Device Manager and install it from ... Read More »

What is the tidiest way to fix perspex windows to a small boat without using expensive window seals!?

As long as the perspex is cut oversize use silicon wait for it 2 dry then trim off any excess with craft knife easy as that ! done it my self a few times hope it helps oh yes put the over lap on... Read More »