Using Windows XP without a keyboard?

Answer Not sure why you need to ctrl alt delete when you log in, or turn it on.It should just boot up to your log on window.Try rebooting it in F8, and go to last good configuration.There are other option... Read More »

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How do, I type the at key on a mac keyboard on windows 7?

Until you get an answer from someone familiar with a Mac keyboard on Windows - have you tried the OnScreen keyboard in Start > All Programs > Windows Ease of Access?Just thoughtTry changing the key... Read More »

How to reset the keys on a Keyboard with Windows 8?

It can be frustrating when the keyboard layout on your computer is not set in the software to be the same as the physical keyboard. Although the main keys on your keyboard might work as expected, t... Read More »

How to reset the keys on a keyboard with Windows 7?

Perhaps you have foreign guests staying at your home or are travelling abroad and using a computer in a hotel or airport where the keyboard is not set to the standard English QWERTY layout. Changin... Read More »

Can't use the keyboard and touch pad at the same time with Windows 8?

Gamer's have this problem on a lot of computers, and there are some solutions, would need more information and for you to try the solutions... Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free and a great sourc... Read More »