Using a 56Kbps USB Modem with a new pc ?

Answer Yes, you should be able to use the USB modem as it is external. You are correct that many places do not sell Modems on PC's anymore.The only thing you may have to do to use the USB Modem on your ne... Read More »

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How I know how many people using my wireless broadband modem and using internet how can I make it personnel?

You would need to get the router's Social Security Number, though I don't know if they give them to inanimate objects. It might also be difficult to claim a network device as an employee come tax t... Read More »

If you have a modem with one Internet company will that modem work with another Internet company?

No it wont.Modems now contain a chip inside them that will only work on that provider's systemwhich is registered to your account and phone number.The days of using any old modem are well long gone... Read More »

How do I Flash DM500 Using USB to Null Modem?

The Dreambox DM500 is a free-to-air satellite receiver and the smallest of the Dream Multimedia Dreambox range. The DM500 features a 252MHz PowerPC processor and 32MiB of RAM. Running on Linux, the... Read More »

Is it possible to connect a wireless router to a modem using usb?

usually when a router has a USB connector on it, this is used for connecting it to your PC if you don't have an ethernet port. like it does on my safecom router. Not for connecting a storage device... Read More »