VIRTUAL MEMORY....just had a box pop up bottom right of screen saying my Virtual memory is too low?

Answer Click on Start/My Computer/System/Advanced/Performance/Advanced/then at the Virtual Memory section click on change to manually set a larger amount of memory to be used. Normally set at a quarter of... Read More »

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What is Virtual Memory My computer keeps telling me that the virtual memory is low and it will extend it.?

It's easy. Follow the instructions: Open Settings/Control Panel. Click System/Advanced/Performance/Settings/Adv… Memory/Change/System Managed File/Set/OK/OK/Apply.You will not be asked again, and... Read More »

What is virtual memory I sometimes get a pane that says ‘Window is low on virtual memory’.?

Virtual memory combines your computer’s RAM with temporary space on your hard disk. When RAM runs low, virtual memory moves data from RAM to a space called a paging file. Moving data to and from ... Read More »

A window keeps popping up on my computer screen, saying that the "virtual memory is low". What can I do?

NO...plz plz dont do wht the guy* is saying coz its not a good idea coz its better to leave operating sys decide whts good for memory management(paging) dont interfare within tht coz it wld make ur... Read More »

When I am online why does my computer keep showing a note on screen saying low virtual memory ?

Virtual memory is basically your PC using your hard disk as (rather slow) memory because the standard RAM pc memory is too small for what applications you were running at the time. Short and sweet,... Read More »