Question a few questions about the site?

Answer…^ that is the direct link to the VF chatroom. It may be that you are new and therefore have to wait. They haven't actually given a reason as to why you sh... Read More »

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Question about 301 redirect of old site to new site?

I would not have expected the 301 to hurt the new site (who's name with all the hyphens I don't care for you will suffer another form of confusion every time you have to give the address over the p... Read More »

What is a good site for asking questions on lol?

google lol answers lol (except lol it's lol closed lol down lol now lol)lol

What is the best site for asking a questions and getting answers?

I like yahoo answers. You can get to the site by going to

Why can't people asking the questions on this site learn to spell?