Very weak wireless signal?

Answer Bluetooth devices, cordless phones, a nearby microwave oven, any strong electromagnetic signal ... there are lots of possibilities. Even something wrong with either the router or the receiver in t... Read More »

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The signal for my wireless is weak?

Windows 8 is not known to have WiFi issues (Windows Vista and OS X 10.6 and earlier, however are). Usually, WiFi connection issues are due to poor transceiver architecture by the laptop manufacture... Read More »

My car ariel as weak signal?

Probably has a poor earth connection to the car body or maybe the screening outer of its cable is damaged due to rubbing on something.Another possibility is that the plug is loose in the rear socke... Read More »

How to Pick Up a Very Weak Wi-Fi Signal?

When you think of computer problems, thoughts of highly technical and expensive issues often come to mind. Next time your Wi-Fi signal becomes weak, fret not -- you can increase Internet reception ... Read More »

How can I increase my signal on my wireless internet router & wireless card?

The strength of the signal is limited by law, so it would probably be illegal to increase it much. I believe you can do so, however, by fitting a larger aerial. I don't know if these are available ... Read More »