Video Download cancelled/stopped where is the 100MB of the File that i downloaded?

Answer Its gone. Once you cancel a download before it's finished, the entire download is erased.

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Why does sometimes when I download a file from Limewire, it says it has downloaded but it wouldn't play?

its probably a virus. you can tell when an mp3 is disguised as a virus by making sure a bitrate shows up under the bit rate tab. viruses don't have bit rates.

How can i download at 1mb/s on utorrent i have a 100mb/s connection?

Try tweaking the settings on your BIT Torrent client.Make sure you Firewall and port settings are correctUse a decent proxy serverChoose torrents that have plenty of seedsConsider changing your Bit... Read More »

How do I combine an .srt file to a movie .avi file I have downloaded so that the subtitles comes up?

You have to use media player that can read .srt. I use Core media player, get it from here: open the movie, the click file/open again and change the filetype to "subti... Read More »

Once downloaded, how do i burn a DVD ISO file to a disc?

try this link mate, theres a step by step thingy type pictures aswell.…