Virgin Media Wireless 11N dual band USB adapter problems?

Answer the timed out means it is taking to long to load. also you'll need to check w/your provider. sorry.

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Problems with virgin media?

Tou do have to give them notice that you want to cancel your services with them. You ha e signed a contract so you will HAVE to pay if you want your contract with them ended early. Sadly that is ju... Read More »

Virgin Media Internet problems?

if it is a problem in your area there normally is a message when you ring however i would call them as its clear your being done over for some reason or another

Is anybody else having problems with virgin media internet?

No, I've been a Virgin Media customer for 6 years(from when it was Telewest Broadband) and I can count on one hand the number of outages I've had in that time. As for speed, I generally find that I... Read More »