Virgin broadband suddenly slow and terrrible!?

Answer It's probably due to high utlisation during peak hours - affects a lot of people as the area is completely over subscribed. Instead of increasing capacity, they decide to increase customer numbers ... Read More »

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Awfully slow Virgin broadband.?

I'm on Virgin too. It's always very slow, which means Iit taes ages for me to download stuff and to upload. Playing World of Warcraft is also a nightmare too. I had thought about upgrading my packa... Read More »

Virgin Media Broadband Fast during Day but super slow during evening!?

virgin are rubbish, always breaking down and waiting forever for a engineer. when they do turn up they are wearing a stetson, boots, spurs and a lasso

2 friends share a house , one wants bt broadband the other wants virgin broadband, they are not prepared to?

Bt Broadband Vrs Sky Broadband Vrs Virgin Media?

!I have been with Virgin for 13 years when they first started in 1994 in the UK. I've had fibre optic Broadband since it first came on line about nine years ago from dial up.If you want to sacrific... Read More »