Virtual Private Network Traffic?

Answer well....depending what you are using, any incoming connections should be stopped unless you have allowed a port for them (peer to peer requests for example)if you are getting a pop up type of messa... Read More »

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What Is a Virtual Private Network?

A private network is a network with protected access and secured transmission. It is possible to build such a network using privately owned or leased lines, but is costly to do so. A virtual privat... Read More »

What is Virtual Network Computing?

Virtual network computing is a remote display system that allows you to view a computer’s desktop display from different locations. You can view the display not only on the computer it is running ... Read More »

Does orange broadband supports virtual private networking (VPN)?

There isn't any reason why it wouldn't (assuming you are talking about connecting from a machine with an Internet connection provided by Orange to another machine that is hosting a VPN service).

How to bind multiple virtual machines to specific network cards?

I think your on the right track, I don't run VMware player but VMware vSphere, with it you create virtual switches that are bond to physical NICs, and you add the VM host to a virtual switch (or ne... Read More »