WARNING WARNING WARNING anyone who is having problems with DLL error?

Answer many, many thanks to you, if anyone should deserve the 10 points it should be you, for being so informative and helpful,I downloaded this security update last night around 18.00 (6pm) and found to ... Read More »

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Warning - Warning - Warning Virus Alert - Has anyone any knowledge of this virus. I received it from a friend?

It is just an attempt to propogate user create spam and scaremongering. However, that doesn't mean that someone couldn't send out a virus with that title in the subject line. Some references below:... Read More »

Warning!!! Will you be flashing now My employer issued the following warning to all staff to pass on.?

A brill urban legend!Pity it's not true..I'd fancy the challenge......I'd just drive down to Salford precinct!

Suspended from job while on a First Written warning, next step Final Warning?

This is a new case and could be classed as Gross misconduct which would/could mean immediate dismissal.The stages of the disciplinary you were involved in before is a different case.

Does an employer have to give a verbal warning before a written warning?

In the U.K. employers have to issue at least one verbal warning prior to issuing a written warning. Employees have the right to representation in any dispute and it would be very sensible to have ... Read More »