Answer Blackberry's are funny... They only support a small list of normal encryption types. Unless you're doing 802.11x, the only encryption type it supports for a normal resi WiFi device is TKIP which wo... Read More »

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Wont connect to a wifi and BBM wont work, on my blackberry! Help?

Check to make sure that you have WiFi or Data turned on with the other off. Both can not be running at the same time.

Why wont my wifi work correctly?

you should try another device to detect the wifi signal...that way you can check if it's the router's problem or the phone's. If the router is faulty get a new one

My iphone wont connect to wifi?

Change your WiFi access point that your iPhone is connecting to to use a low-numbered channel. Channel 7 or lower. There's a load of stuff around about iPhones having trouble connecting to high-num... Read More »

My Ipod Touch wont connect to wifi?

Try a hard reboot on the iPod - that nornakky clears most things.Hold down the button top right AND the button bottom middle at the same time until it starts to reboot