Wanting to build my own gaming PC for around £600...Can anyone help me with some builds?

Answer Hello, Ben.......

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Which of these builds is best for gaming?

The first build is exponentially better.For gaming it's probably 4X faster because it's got a midrange graphics card (GeForce GTX 650 Ti) compared to the built-in APU on the second computer. The A... Read More »

Can anyone recommend a gaming computer for around £850?

unfortunately you do need to build your own gaming pc as the only option other than that is alienware which is a rip off just go into your local pc place tell them what you want and your budget and... Read More »

Looking for some help with car spray painting....Anyone help?

You could enroll in night class at a local trade school. You can also (as has been said) ask some advice from the local paint supplier. More than likely you will have a clearcoat system on your car... Read More »

Im getting a gaming computer for christmas and need some advice, i have a budget of around £500?