Warner Brothers has been misleading children! The coyote and the anvil hit the ground at the same time!?

Answer You're exactly right. Occasionally one of those cartoons shows the coyote falling with the anvil directly above his head and the distance between them remaining constant, which is what should happe... Read More »

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If you fire a bullet horizontally and drop an identical bull at the same moment, will they both hit the ground at the same time?

Yes. The fired bullet may travel farther, but it will fall just as quickly as the dropped bullet and they'll hit the ground at the same moment. This effect explains why you must aim above the targe... Read More »

If you dropped a bullet and at the same time, fired a bullet directly at the ground, wouldn't the bullet fired at the ground hit the ground first?

Sure it would. The fired bullet will only hit the ground at the same time as the dropped bullet if the fired bullet is shot exactly horizontally. If you fire the bullet at the ground, then it start... Read More »

Why do two objects of unequal mass fall and hit the ground at the same time?

If one object has twice the mass of the other, then it is twice as hard to accelerate. To make it keep pace with the other ball, it must experience twice the force. Fortunately, gravity pulls on it... Read More »

Why has my internet been going off at the same time every night?

The orange light on my Sky modem means it is still receiving information and you have to wait for it to go green, 'phone Sky they work 24 hours a day and they will check your line or reboot if nece... Read More »