Was I wrong to say that in my status?

Answer No, it's your status, you say whatever you like.If it's a problem, delete it. I don't think people check our profiles like we like to think they do.On another note, I do hope that was a typo and wh... Read More »

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What do people mean by 'status quo', how is 'status quo' used in a sentence?

It is essentially used as a way of saying "it's the way things are normally done"Take politics - one could argue that neither democrats nor republicans want to implement change to campaign finance ... Read More »

What can you do whan a mechanic rebuilds your boat motor wrong. He installed the camshaft wrong.?

Don't dump the boat but report the first mechanic to the attorney general's office in your state. No matter how long they keep it they can't charge you if it still won't work.You can take it to civ... Read More »

I was jump starting a car and put the leads on wrong and the battery wont hold a charge, whats wrong- 05 corsa?

hahaha, sorry to laugh, what uve done is something called reverse pollarity, 05 corsa should have the new gel type battery, if so, its done its job and killed itself cause u shorted it by fitting t... Read More »

In my whole life i have never put the wrong sock on the wrong foot! What are the chances?