Was I wrong to say that in my status?

Answer No, it's your status, you say whatever you like.If it's a problem, delete it. I don't think people check our profiles like we like to think they do.On another note, I do hope that was a typo and wh... Read More »

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Facebook status that got you likes :)?

'do you ever wonder if the queen of england has given a *******'that got me nearly 90 likes whereas I usually get around 20..

Facebook status' that will definitely get likes?

Here is a couple good sites for FaceBook Statuses.http://statusforfacebook.comhttp://funtooshare.comhttp://statuscrave.com

Facebook status that will get lots of likes?

Try this"I'm not calling you a whore, I'm just saying you've had more balls in your mouth than a hungry hungry hippo." :)

FACEBOOK STATUS! that will get alot of likes.?

Quote: Minds are like parachures, they only work when open - EinsteinVideo:…Song lyrics generally aren't liked.Also have a look at this video. We posted y... Read More »