Watching movies online and not downloading them. Is that illegal?

Answer No. Use it as long as it works.

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Is it illegal to watch movies online?

yes but only 1 in 100 will get fined for it...i would not reccomend this

My iMac doesn't turns to full screen size mode while watching online movies, how to solve it?

If you hit control and click your mouse, a little menu should pop up which will give you a full screen option. or try going to file or view at the top of the window if this doesn't work. Good luck!

What is the penalty for being caught watching movies while driving?

If you were to have an accident and you are caught watching a movie, you will automatically be at fault. This is only the beginning of your problems.You will be given a reckless driving ticketOnce... Read More »

How do i connect my 5 year old desktop to a 10 old tv when watching movies over the net?

You have not mentioned the configration of your PC. and branch of your TV. You have to make certain cosmetic changes with your PC as well as TV.You will have to install a AGP card with TV out, Nvi... Read More »