Wats the cache?

Answer The cache is an area on your machine's hard disk where the browser saves the pictures and text that it has most recently accessed so that it doesn't have to take a trip out across the web every tim... Read More »

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Wats your makeup must have!!?

1. concealer2. lip balm3. eyelash curler (if that counts)4. mascara:-)

Wats a posh ****?

either while wearing a condom, or most commonly take a viagra first then have a w***, makes it last a LOT longer.

Wats the best way to get subcribers on youtube ?

Well you could subscribe to them and very often they subscribe back if you leave a comment. Also for people to subscribe, you must upload videos regularly. The more videos and views you have, the b... Read More »

Wats ur favourite takeaway?

mine is beef curry egg fried rice and chips. love it